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Sure Apparel Store is a worldwide online store that opened its doors to their first purchase in 2016.Our aim was to deliver a platform unlike the rest whereby buyers have an ease in selection in the jersey or accessory they require and enable a seamless checkout with  free worldwide shipping. At the beginning we were faced with a rocky start but as time goes by and our customer gained confidence in the authenticity and quality of the jersey the journey smoothened out slowly but surely at a desired pace. 

Sure Apparel Store offers a variety of sports products but its major focus being soccer jerseys from the various major leagues; The English Premier League, La Liga , Serie A,Bundesliga and we also take great pride in patriotism and offer National Team Jersey. We also have a great section featuring timeless jerseys like the Manchester United AIG,Arsenal O2 ,Liverpool Carlsburg.In addition to the jerseys we also provide branding services for you ro proudly show your love and patriotism to your team.


We recently developed a section that strays away from soccer equipment and delivers more on other sports as well. Rugby Shirts and Basketball Jerseys


Our mission is to constantly have available quality merchandise and meet all the customer requirements to the best of our ability and equally on time. 

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